Startup Mzansi Guide: The Power of R1: How to Build and Launch an Online Business in One Weekend with just R100 in just

This is a simple yet effective strategy you can use to start and launch a business with just R100 in one weekend.

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For years, I have been reading a lot and one of the things that struck me is the usual suspects when it comes to making money online... You know, affiliates, click this and that, e-com, etc...

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing bad about all the shared methods here, but...

A big but...

I'm wondering why there are not those down-to-earth, very realistic, simple, fast methods like in the old times of the internet, that one can really, and I mean really start in a weekend or so (deepening on the knowledge level of course).

What do I mean:

  • By realistic and down to earth, I mean something that doesn't promise thousands in the first month but has the potential to reach them because it is simple.
  • By simple, I mean, those methods where you need 3 or 5 basic web pages, one buy button, and hop, you are already in business selling... That is fast.
  • By fast, I mean (Like in simple), building the whole thing on a weekend or even in few hours (depending on knowledge level).

The minimum requirement to start:

Very basic online knowledge (borderline absolute beginner who knows what the internet and a computer are).

Very low startup cost, let's say a minimum of R100 a first month for a domain and a web host.

Very easy to build, 3 or 5 webpages maximum, with WP+ free plugins and saas OR just HTML pages + saas (web platforms).

Very fast to build, well, I guess it is already explained, so, not gonna repeat myself.


I'm 30+, been online for 20y+, working 100% for myself since I was 15y+, right after matric, did this, tried that, etc etc, and the more time passes, the more I get requests of very simple methods...

PS: I do get requests because I do teach online, I help people and small businesses start and grow online bla bla bla.

My point is with all the information out there, most of us lost the simplicity of things...

Those old enough may remember how it was easy to get a domain (even pricy at that time), put online an ugly basic HTML page with a phone number or an email, print some business cards and hop, we were in business... so, why did we lose that simplicity?

Remember the time, when you had something to sell, you just got to the marketplace, stand there, and sold it? I mean that is ok, losing it won't kill us, but, with time, seeing beginners suffering because of the shiny objects syndrome or the overwhelming amount of information to absorb just to start, I decided to simplify, so here is my simplicity formula.

The simplicity formula that everybody forgets: Well, it is very simple, prepare a very affordable offer, present it to the public and voila, make your first rand(s), and by that I mean the first R1, like R5 or R10, no more...

As mentioned before, and pretty sure you got it already, the goal is to START FAST, contrary to dreaming of makibg millions without even taking the first step...

And that is the issue I see in all my students/clients, too much thinking, over-complicating, and almost no action, or too much action with too much information = 99% never start anything, or they just build it and never launch it.

You've noticed that I mentioned the first rand, R5 or R10... It is not just a random number... It is the goal you all (especially those of you beginners who never sold anything online) must target when you start something new.

I'm talking in rand here but it can be any currency you want, just think of any small value and here we go. I always say, in everything we do, there is a green psychological line (in our head), and the number one goal is to step on it to start, the rest will be easy.

In our case, the number one priority goal is the first rand, not wishing for R100 or thousand (s), no, the first rand only...

because after that, what happens is our brain/mind will realize that what we build (the small project) is working, and from there the sky is the limit.

And ladies and gentlemen that is why 99.99% of people never made any rand online. Because everybody is over dreaming and thinking... And most of us never think of the first R1!

Are you following me?

The formula to make the first R1: fast + simple + easy + economic + realistic = micro business​


Did you know that there are people out there who make R100K/ month just by selling a very basic, simple micro membership access online?

If you've been surfing online a bit, your answer will probably be yes to this, thinking of those gurus and experts charging R97 or R299 and even R997/month a month for a membership, etc... Wrong!

Did you know that those 100K/month gains come from R47/month?

Yes, you read well, some people make a hundred grand a month, selling a very very basic membership/ almost a newsletter for R47 a month only!

Do you see where I'm going?

Do you get why I used all the bla bla bla above?

So yes, I tried it myself many times and that is the number 1 method I always recommended to anyone I met offline and online.

Micro membership, or micro businesses = 3 pages, one buy button, very low pricing offer (R470 or R1 first month). I introduce you to ONE of the golden gooses that everybody forgot about: the micro membership method.​

Now, you are probably thinking membership plugins, design, content, videos, security, bla bla bla...

Nope, calm down and simplify as I said

1) Pick your idea:

You are a student in the third year of any field, well, start a small membership for students of the first year to give them tips and suggestions to pass the first year exams.

You are a freelance mechanic/painter, repairing/painting your friends' cars/houses in your free time? Well, do a membership for people to learn how to make some extra money as a freelance mechanic/painter.

You are unemployed after x years in one field? Well, start a membership to teach people in your field how to look and find a better job.

You are a housewife and love to make cookies, well, start a membership to teach housewives like you how to make the best 10 cookies, etc.

You get it, right? The idea must be something you did, are doing, or want to do...

Simple! Do not overthink it, just any basic thing of life you did or are doing or planning to do can be your project idea.

In Cape Town, Jozi or Mbuzini, it doesn't matter where you are, it doesn't matter if you have a huge experience, It doesn't matter, just anything you like or did is a good idea because your target market is not space engineer, but people exactly like you, doing or wanting to do the same thing.


Ok, stop reading me and write 5 very basic things you know, did, or want to do.

Think about any one of those 5 that you can divide into 12 steps/ lessons/ posts etc.


  • How to GROW AND MAINTAIN X TYPE OF FLOWERS in 12 steps etc.
  • Etc etc

2) Write a small sales letter offering steps from A to Z to learn something.

The title explains it all, write 10 or 15 lines that explain, where the buyers will be if they join your membership. Lets say, a membership about LEARNING THE BASIC OF PHOTOSHOP LAYERS OPTIONS, you offer 12 steps in 3 months (that is one step every week) and IT COST R47/Month, simple!

PS: you notice that the membership is not about WHOLE BASIC PHOTOSHOP but about learning the layers and options.

3) Create the first step/lesson/video of your 12 steps membership.

Yes, you just need the first step of whatever you are offering, and if you think this is too much, well just write the welcome message only.

Yes, you can start selling just this way, when sales happen, write the first step/article/video or whatever way you are giving the information to your paying members. Got it?

4) Add a buy button Payfast, Yoco, OZOW, Flutterwave, or any payment that accepts automatic billing... Simple!

If you don't have access to Payfast, OZOW, Yoco, Flutterwave bla bla bla, well, use bank deposit or EFT, simple.

Remember the goal, simplicity, no overthinking, and making the first R1.

5) Start selling + write and deliver the first step if you make a sale (simple): Use any method you know to share your offer and get some targeted traffic.

About traffic,

if you are a student who gives as about his third year studies in that specific field, you probably know where the student of the first year hang out, online or offline...

and if you tell me, but I'm from that small town, there is not such a place or website for our field if studies because we are in a small university or college or school bla bla bla (mental excuses).

Well... Create a FB group for your field of studies, post on the wall of your university/ school and get members in... after they know and trust you, show your offer.

If you that unemployed guy in that city, well, start a group or a weekly coffee meetup for people like you, etc...

Use social media in REAL SOCIAL SITUATIONS... as I said, do it like old times, simplify and socialize, etc.

PS: They must know and trust you first, build your reputation first before bombing them with your offer.

So, to resume it you do not need millions to see your sales letter, as your offer is very specific to are a certain target.

6) Focus on growing the R1 to maybe R50 or R100, even R500/ month.

That's it, you are in business, focus on getting as many people to join your micro membership.

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