Startup Mzansi Guide: How to get targeted traffic and clients with any content (marketing technique)

This guide aims to help expose to a strategy which you can use to get clients by using any content

Before I start, let me clarify two points...

I must clarify them, because unfortunately many of us are short-focused like a redfish (thank you social media... Sarcasm) and will jump to conclusions fast

1) By serious traffic I mean very targeted and specific traffic:

In your business interest, you surely do not need any traffic to your website, but only the one that wants what you offer... To resume it, stop wanting thousands of users, likes, visits, etc when 99% do not give a cow about what you are selling... I think it is clear now.

Ps: My business page since Facebook exist has only hundreds of likes, and guess what, 99% comes from clients that paid me already... You get it.


2) With "any content" I mean:

Let's say you sell website design as a service.

You already know your thing, but do not know how to get people to your offer.

Well, to do it fast, check few big well-established well-detailed videos and blog posts that get millions of views (use free SEO tools to find them) or just google and pick 5 of the first ones.

Now that you got your content... I'm not saying copy it... Continue reading.


Now that everything is clear, let's talk action.


The idea here is to share content that you created by getting inspired by the 5 ones in point 2.

Now, we are all thinking of the million-dollar question:


I do not have a lot of followers on Quora, FB, Twitter, Reddit, etc.​

So, how will I get people to come to my website?​


To answer this we will use what many call a lead magnet, you know, that ebook or video that people get in exchange for giving you an email on a landing page OR just by visiting your site.

But, the big but is that we will use this lead magnet as a blog post... Yes, you read well, we will not ask anything from the visitors and I will explain why later.


Why a blog post?

Actually a series of blog posts.



Now the action... Remember the 5 pieces of content you already found about a very specific thing related to your business?

Well, we picked them to:

- To speed our work, because we do not want to write 5000 words or more blog posts.

- Know how to structure a detailed blog post/lead magnet.



1) Well, resume, get inspired for the content you've got, rewrite it with your style... Do not copy paste or you will burn yourself.

2) Make it in 3 or 5 blog posts and call it a challenge... In a form of a blog series, like post one introduction, post two bla bla bla, post three bla bla bla, etc.


By using the word challenge, you trigger a huge motivational feeling, right!

Let me prove that to you by a simple example.

What do you think will attract you more:

a) A regular blog post: Here is how to build your first website fast even if you are a total beginner.


b) Free 5 steps challenge: build your first website fast and even if you are a total beginner.


I think we both agree, that B is more attractive and exciting than A, right!


Let's continue...

Remember I told you we will not ask anything in exchange for people?

But why? your business is to build a website for people, why would you give people a step-by-step challenge to do it themselves!

Well, we have, yet again two reasons for that:

Free, because everybody loves free.

To build trust, because they do not know you, and helping them to take the first step breaks the ice faster than the sun.


One famous marketer said, the problem with people selling stuff online, is that they ask the girl to marry them before even asking for a date... So with the free challenge, you are asking for a date.​


Now, because I do not want to write a full ebook here, I'll resume what's left.


You got your idea of the content.

You got your inspiration from 5 big sources.

You created your 5 blog post series and called it a challenge.


How to get the damn traffic.


This is a kind of sensitive thing, you do one step wrong, you get burned and noticed as a spammer, you do it right, you will be the superman or woman.


Again how?

If you wanna give it a try just post the first part of your challenge in many open free advertisement FB groups... There are thousands of them... Test the waters first to see how people react.

Now, the traffic you will get will be shitty and surely not the targeted one you want.


So to get the targeted traffic, you have to:

-Join as many FB groups you think represent your target traffic, let's say, you wanna build websites for personal trainers, then join as many groups related to that.

NOTE: I seriously hope that you are not one of those who build websites or offer a service for anyone... If you want more money, you need to target a specific market.

-Spend the first 7 days commenting (without any link or request) by giving basic suggestions related to how a personal trainer can grow his business online... People join professional groups because they want to grow their businesses... So there will be many members talking about offline and online business etc.


-Notice I wrote commenting (without any link or request) and not posting because you want to be noticed as a new member who is here to help, who is active and not spamming, remember, I wrote it is a very delicate matter.


-Now, what do you think will happen if you commented suggestions to a bunch of people on how they should make their website more attractive, etc,


Real life example: if you are wondering why I am posting this for free, well guess! you get it, I'm helping for free and showing my level of knowledge here, so that you and others members will trust me in the future when I come to you with a marketing offer, you see, it is not magic, it is called marketing.


Anyway, let's continue...

-After a while on the serious groups/forums, you will get noticed and members (in this example personal trainers will come to you asking for advice), and with some luck (depends on the group), even the admin of the group will allow you to post your blog post with the free challenge to help the members build their personal trainer websites... Better contact the admins and ask permission before posting it, or, just cut the blog post in FB posts and do them by steps, remember, now they trust you.


-The most important thing is to not post your link unless you are authorized and have the permission to do so.. Or you will burn as a spammer.

-Remember we are talking about serious FB groups related to a serious business field that makes a lot of money, so do not burn yourself.


To resume, even if the challenge is not posted in that serious groups because of the rules, remember there are thousands of groups, really thousands.

You can always boost your first post (the challenge introduction) with few rands on FB, and target those groups' main keywords.


And even if you have traffic with the challenge, how to sell your service?

Well, do not write anything in the first blog posts, remember, you did 5 steps posts to do xxx, write something related to your service in the last two.

Example: step three in the middle and the end... write, by the way, if you think this is too complicated for you or you do not have the time to do it, let me know, I do have this yourservicelink for you.


My real-life experience:

-I used this technic, which some call "The Santa Claus formula" in extremely high-level serious FB groups, and I always got clients like that.

-I comment with suggestions, ideas, even If I'm not sure or do not know an answer, but the idea is that I try to help.

-After few days everybody in the group notices me as a GIVER, helper, as Santa!

-Many add me as a friend or contact me to ask for suggestions.

-I answer and help for free with few text chats.

-When it gets deep and detailed, means when the person starts asking a lot of how how how, I gently tell them that I do not have time to help for hours BUT I do that for a living... I do not ask anything or make an offer to my service or anything.

-99% of the people who contacted me always end up asking me if I can do that for them.


Of course, the Santa Claus technic is just one of the many very humans, natural social, no spammy marketing technic, and it works because we are humans... you help = trust = notoriety = branding = clients

Sandile Shabangu

149 Startup Blog posts