I really have no idea who needs to hear this:

I don't know what might be happening in your life right now. You could still be BROKE, JOBLESS, AND JOYLESS. Maybe you're just where you are because of past situations - situations you had no control over and one's that you cannot really change today... Maybe you are still waiting for that one big BREAK that will change your life. That will create that ripple effect in your affairs but you're just feeling lazy, uninspired and are losing hope. I want you to know this: Laziness and Hopelessness are diseases and you are the cure. If you can't find the inspiration, become the inspiration. If you don't feel like doing something, do something. At the end of everything, all you need is to realise that if you are going to really change the world (and most importantly your life), you must start off by making up your bed. Get that simple task done. And if somehow (for whatever reason) the day does not go as you had wished it would, you would still come back to a made up bed and a cleaned up room. #startupguy