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Powered by Startup Mzansi, StartupApp's works with large companies and Corporate Venture Capital groups to help them connect to startups, foster intrapreneurship, identify ambitious talent, and increase their visibility in the innovation community.


StartupApp is designed to connect entrepreneurs, startups, investors, advisors, service providers and potential partners to catalyze innovation and entrepreneurship in Africa.

Our members receive access to a variety of content, programs and events purpose-built to help innovators of all types, from the startup CEO to the corporate venture fund manager to the small business entrepreneur, transform their companies and their communities.

Receive our monthly update featuring entrepreneurial and innovation-focused news, stories, educational content and exclusive discounts and opportunities from our network of partners and service providers.

Connect and engage with entrepreneurs, startups, investors, advisors, corporate partners, and service providers from around Africa who can help take your company to the next level or collaborate on your next investment or venture.

Our member matchmaking platform helps you find the people who are specifically and uniquely equipped to support your efforts. Whether those contacts are potential cofounders, investors, investment targets, experts or customers, our matchmaking platform helps you identify and connect with the right people.

Tap into a global network of experts and experienced advisors who can help to address critical challenges, answer specific questions, guide entrepreneurs on their journey, and exchange information on the latest trends or technologies.

Participate in a myriad of virtual and in-person events like hackathons, pitch days and networking events designed to foster engagement between entrepreneurs, investors, business owners, corporations and other innovators from across the globe.

Build your knowledge and skill set through curated articles, podcasts, presentations, webinars, videos and worksheets that equip you with the expertise, abilities and perspectives you need to excel as an entrepreneur, intrapreneur, business owner, investor or advisor.

Search StartupApp's Talent Portal for job opportunities in innovative industries or companies and connect with potential new hires from around Africa who can help fuel your organization’s growth. Or, whether you’re looking for a co-founder or growing your team, our community-only talent portal allows you to tap into a growing global pool of entrepreneurs, innovators and business-minded professionals.

Search our directory of vetted service providers and take advantage of exclusive discounts on products and services that are vital to startups, investors, small businesses and other innovators, such as legal, marketing, accounting and software.

As a StartupApp Member, you can apply to be featured in our Service Provider Directory, which showcases your products or services to a continent wide community of entrepreneurs, small businesses, investors and innovators looking for providers like you. To ensure quality, our team reviews each application to verify that the products or services you’re offering are appropriate and value-adding to our community.

Apply for the opportunity to pitch or be reviewed by our global network of accredited individual, institutional and corporate investors, which spans industries, geographies and investment focuses. We also offer a live pitch platform where you can use StartupApp to pitch to investors and audiences live

Apply to our Advisor Network, which vets the experts and mentors within our community. We accept advisors of all types and backgrounds, from successful entrepreneurs to executives to subject matter experts. If you’re serious about providing more hands-on support to the entrepreneurs, startups and innovators in our community, we want to hear from you.

All StartupApp members are eligible to apply to our Investor Network, a highly curated group of individuals, institutions, family offices and CVCs from around Africa who receive custom deal flow memos and facilitated introductions to opportunities in their investment thesis. There is no charge for investors to participate.

Startup Mzansi Partner Membership

Whether you represent an established company, a venture capital firm or a service provider, if your organization is looking to shape the future of startups and innovation, our Partner Membership provides a fantastic platform for thought leadership that builds awareness and positions your organization as a trusted authority while educating and empowering our community of entrepreneurs, business owners, corporate innovators, investors and advisors. This type of partnership is facilitated through Startup Mzansi Foundation NPC.

All Membership Benefits plus

Each of our Partners has the opportunity to work with us to co-create and sponsor one marquee program or event per year, which we manage, facilitate and host. Successful events have included pitch nights, networking events, hackathons, seminars and workshops. The scope and scale of these events varies based on whether it’s in-person or virtual.

Every quarter, we work with our Partners to produce exceptional value-adding content that shares and showcases their expertise and perspectives with and for our community. We push these pieces, which can include articles, whitepapers, audio or video, across all of our digital and physical member communication channels.

Our Partners each receive one speaking opportunity per quarter, which we arrange based on the Partner’s areas of expertise and member interests and demands. These engagements, which can include seminars, panels, workshops or other virtual and physical opportunities, provide a motivated audience for Partners and help establish them as trusted authorities on particular topics.

Prepare for a successful fundraise with hands-on training that helps startups create an effective pitch deck and presentation. We also provide individualized education for investors new to venture capital, or those looking to learn more about investing in privately owned companies.

As a thanks for their support and collaboration, we invite our Partners to a series of invitation-only events designed to show appreciation, catalyze meaningful conversation and connect our growing and diverse roster of prominent Partners with each other in a more conversational setting.

Many of our Partners are driven to support entrepreneurs and startups, and the best way they can do that is through individualized connections. That’s why, every quarter, we provide Partners with a customized Scouting Report that spotlights members with whom a relationship might be mutually beneficial, providing warm introductions to those of particular interest.

Premium Members can apply for our Advisor Network, which vetts the experts and mentors within our community. We accept advisors of all types and backgrounds, from successful entrepreneurs to Fortune executives to subject matter experts. If you’re serious about providing more hands-on support to the entrepreneurs, startups and innovators in our community, we want to hear from you.

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Innovation Management: A set of programs and processes designed to help corporate venture arms and internal innovation units develop innovation strategies to source and manage deal flow.

Intrapreneurship Workshops: Workshops and content modules designed to equip intrapreneurial leaders with the knowledge and tools necessary to unlock innovation from within their organizations.

Collaborative Workspace: Branded workspace at Startup Mzansi locations for internal teams looking for a more dynamic and collaborative environment where they can interact with diverse innovators and ideas.

Reverse Pitches: A pitch for external or internal innovators to solicit ideas on a specific problem or need. We organize and manage the entire process, sourcing companies from our community and globally.

Venture Studios & Labs: Support for designing, establishing and operating corporate venture studios and labs that can facilitate the exchange and execution of ideas between internal and external innovators.

Events & Trainings: Get out of the office and into StartupApp community. We host daily meetups, programming and events to inspire innovation and foster your team’s growth.

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